Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Campbell's 'Three Months of My Life' Condensed Soup

Yeah, I know the title is kinda lame but thats the best I've got. I guess it's been a while...I apologize to those who actually read my blog. I hope I can remember what I've done the last few months. The events of October and November don't have much significance. I suppose I made some new friends with others who sit in the orchestra room at lunch- Miken, Maciel, Nick and Stephanie are a few of them. Thanksgiving was a well-needed break and a delicious dinner. Mesa High made it into the playoffs for football. We went to state and lost to Hamilton 35-0. Second place is pretty dang good though. And plus we got to play at Cardinals stadium. My PSAT scores came back really good.
In early December I got to have a date with a nice young man named Chris Udall-we doubled with Dan Coley and his date and went to see the temple lights. This date was quite special because it was the first time that a guy(and a senior at that) has asked ME on a date rather than the other way around. Chris is a very interesting guy...When Dan first introduced me to him, Chris told me that he loves the name Amelia and that we should go on a date sometime. I had no idea he was serious until I talked to him at school a few times and he called me one Saturday night. I had a great time. We talk quite a bit and I enjoy getting to know him.
I did well on all of my final exams. I had a very restful Christmas Break. My 17th birthday was on the 23rd and it was incredible. Two days later I could barely believe it was already Christmas. I spent a lot of time with my family and some time playing our new wii. While my sister Amanda visited family in Florida, we got to take care of her dog Rosie. That was an adventure all in its own. My cell phone went through the washing machine in a pair of my jeans, so I had to get a new one...and I think I like it better than my old one. I went to the 5-stake New Year's Eve dance and had lots of fun.
Last week we got back in school and things are about back to normal. Last week I spent a ton of time preparing for Winter Formal (last saturday-It was moved to January since our football team made it to state). I will post pictures as soon as I have them, with a post on the highlights.
Now I am looking forward to another semester of learning and growing. I am taking intermediate stained glass now, and am working on my first project. I hope to do well in the upcoming science fair-Owen Carroll is my partner and we are experimenting on how temperature affects the solubility of carbon dioxide in soda (for those that don't speak chem we are seeing what goes flat faster-warm or cold soda).
I have set some goals for this year and this semester. I joined the Mesa Milers Running Club at school and hope to participate in a 5k run held by our stake in October. In conjunction with this I hope to lose enough weight to fit into a formal dress in the back of my closet to Prom (assuming that I will get asked-hint hint to all you boys reading this). I have decided to no longer slack off in my Spanish class and so far I've done pretty good and its doing good things for me. I hope to survive AP Chemistry and do my best on the AP test at the end of the year. I have lots to look forward to and am excited for all of it! Hopefully I can find time to record it here every once in a while.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where has the last month gone?

Schoolwork ate up my time...and evidently so did my break from schoolwork. This week was October Break...and I guess it kept me busy! I've been working on my quilt for Young Women's, keeping Reed and Abram entertained, reading, and NOT doing schoolwork because I didn't have any (a rare occasion). I did, however, have to take the PSAT (Preliminary SAT) this morning-and I'm still recovering. I worried for a long while before the test, but I ultimately made it through, and I'm feeling pretty confident about it. I want my scores now, but I have to wait till December.

Last week was Homecoming- Spirit Week, Bonfire, Assembly, Parade, Carnival, Game, and Dance-in that order. I participated in all but one of them-bet you can guess which one. Spirit Week was great- I paraded around school as a pirate on Tuesday(argh!), a cavewoman on Wednesday (ugh!), a lion on Thursday (rawr!), and a linebacker on Friday (unintentionally of course-my Mesa High jersey plus my broad shoulders equals linebacker). Thursday night was the enormous bonfire. Friday was the Assembly (awesome) and early release (awesomer) that made all of our classes 20 minutes long each (awesomest). The parade was right after school, and the carnival followed the parade. The game was great-needless to say we beat Desert Vista! I really wanted to go to the dance on Saturday, but I never got asked and I didn't really want to go alone. So I got to hang out with Nan. We went to Chili's and laughed at our bald waiter whose name was either Steve or Phil. Then we rented movies and took them back to Nan's.

I was really hoping for a last-minute date to Homecoming but, it never happened. Oh well, it's long over now. At least I have Winter Formal to look forward to-December 12...and that's girl-ask-guy. Just two more months and it will be: Winter Formal, My 17th Birthday, Christmas, Halfway Through the School Year, the New Year, Results from the PSAT...I could go on forever.
I'm excited for it all...even the schoolwork.

Oops...I kind of went crazy with the ellipses...My English teacher would be proud of me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Humor to the second power

He he he he. Nerd funnies...Alisha told me to look at these shirts on mentalfloss.com and I about died laughing...

Kudos if you understand these ones. These are my most favorite!

Who can explain the soap one to me?
I've never read Macbeth.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

On a Roll

GO RABBITS! We are currently 3-0. Last night's score was 28-6! Take that warriors!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rabbits Crush Warriors

TOMORROWS HEADLINE! We play our rival Westwood tonight. And we're going to win our game against them for the seventeenth year in a row (knock on wood). I can't wait!